Sengoku Gensokyo [English]

Sengoku Gensokyo is a conquest SLG ala Sengoku Rance that takes place in Gensokyo. The player must take over territories as Reimu while maintaining and expanding a roster of Touhou and generic characters.Sengoku Gensokyo is a turn based conquest simulation game based on Sengoku Rance series by AliceSoft. The game goal is to capture all neighboring territories while at the same time maintaining and expanding armies. There are eleven factions, each consisting of two or three characters. Attacking and capturing enemy strongholds is done in a team based RPG style, with each team having up to five members.
Genre: Simulation, Strategy
Developer: Simulation, Strategy
Publisher: Coolier
Language: English
Release: 2009
File size: 664 MB


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