7 Days to Die

Time takes us to 2034, where recently there was a nuclear war, which led to the death of most of the population. Those who survived had contracted a deadly virus, the death of which is due in seven days, and then revives zombies … The Fun Pimps could combine two great games Dayz and Minecraft. It turned out not even very bad. The game was called – 7 Days to Die (7 days to die.) It is developed using the best elements of the genre: RPG, Survival horror, Shooter and Tower Defense.


  • Fully destructible world in which there are: at home, trees, forests, mountains and more.
  • A new structure of buildings. That is, if you build something is wrong and it can not keep the laws of physics, it will necessarily fall.
  • Endless waves of mutants, ready to eat you alive. The same will be the bosses who kill will not be so easy.
  • crafting system of the items that you find, but without any problems.
  • The game will have three modes: single, cooperative and completely without any rules.
  • pumping system and the level of skills .
  • And of course you can build your own world with the creative mode in which a huge amount of items.


7 Days to Die Download

pass: ddgamez.com


Alpha 9.1



Alpha 8




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