Aion Offline 3.9

Aion is a subscription MMORPG developed by NCsoft. Players step into a role of a character in a world divided between the brave and hardy Asmodians and the winged Elyos, sworn enemies in a celestial war. A third (NPC) race, the dragonlike Balaur, keep the other two races engaged in fighting when they’re not fighting each other. Adventure across the vast world of Atreia, through challenging solo and group dungeons, epic quests, and massive Legion raids, all to ultimately save your world from utter destruction!


  • Combat  on land and in the sky! Character movement actually plays into attack and defense!
  • Flight Ascend to become a Daeva at level ten to receive wings, which play a vital role in travel, combat, quests, and crafting.
  • Quests Over 3,900 of them to be found through 6 terrain zones.
  • The Abyss and PvP  Battle the Balaur and other beings of Atreia in this battleground.
  • Pets Both functional and decorative types.
  • Crafting Six professions Alchemy, Armorsmithing, Cooking, Handicrafting, Tailoring, Weaponsmithing.
  • Customizable Characters Choose from a huge variety of clothing, weapons, armor, and accessories.


  • CPU:Pentium 4 2.8GHz, AMD Athlon 2800+ or equivalent
  • RAM:1 GB
  • Video Card: GeForce 6600 or Radeon X1550
  • Hard Drive: 15 GB
  • DirectX: 9.0c (2008,6)
  • Tested on Asus K42JE with HD 5470


Aion OfflineAion Offline ServerAion Offline ServerAion Offline ServerAion Offline Server


Download and run server first,if everythings ok,then download client :) )
Aion Lightning 3.9 1.5
MEGA.CO.NZ pass: tuan565





(16GB / 89 parts x 195MB ) (List for add to Mipony HERE



Install Client,extract LoginFix in Server and copy to Client

Extract Server,install Java

Run 1-Click Starter.bat and Enter to start server

Wait for server start successful (or you will see Game time saved..)

Open Client and run aion_start_local.bat to play

Use id and pw: Athena / 123456 or ddgamez / 123456 (If you want use your own id,after login,then logout and type your id and pw you want…)

If you get directX error,download this and install.

Ingameshop not working,i will update fix asap…

In game shop now working perfectly! :)

GM Commands
Doc Google

Login MySQl:

IP Address : localhost
Port : 3316
Username : root
Pass : aion

Source :


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